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What is the Road Maintenance Agreement Committee?
The Road Maintenance Agreement Committee is required by provincial legislation to hear and determine at a first level applications relating to road maintenance agreement issues including whether or not a proposed agreement is required or in the case where the parties have entered into an agreement, any issue involving any matter governed by the agreement.

What can be determined by the Road Maintenance Agreement Committee?
In the case of an agreement for the maintenance of any municipal road entered into pursuant to section 22 of The Municipalities Act, the committee may make an order determining the issue in any manner that the committee considers appropriate.

In the case of a proposed agreement, in the case where a municipality has caused notice to be served on a person that an agreement is required pursuant to section 22 of The Municipalities Act, the committee may make an order doing all or any of the following:

  • Determining that a proposed agreement is not required.
  • Setting out all or any of the terms of the agreement.
  • Directing the parties to enter into an agreement.
  • Making any other order that the committee considers necessary or reasonable.

How do I file my appeal?
An Application for Road Maintenance Agreement Determination must be completed and submitted with all required attachments to Secretary, Road Maintenance Agreement Committee and to all other parties to the agreement.

Who do I file my appeal with?
Secretary, Road Maintenance Agreement Committee
Saskatchewan Municipal Board
480 - 2151 Scarth Street

What is the effect of a determination by the committee?
A determination by the committee is:

  • Binding on and shall be implemented by the parties.
  • Final and there is no appeal to the Court of Appeal.

How long does it take for a determination to be made?
Once an application is received, and if the application is not refused, legislation requires the committee to make its determination within 10 business days, unless the parties agree otherwise or regulations made by the minister establish a longer period. An application is deemed received when the committee has determined that a perfected application has been received.

Will there be a hearing?
The committee may require the parties to attend a hearing in person or by phone. The committee may also require the parties to provide it with any information that it may reasonably require.

May hearings be recorded?
The SMB committees routinely audio record all hearings. No other person shall take or attempt to take a photograph, motion picture, audio recording or other record capable of producing an oral or visual reproduction by electronic or other means at a hearing. Upon application, the committee can release its recording of the hearing to a transcriber approved by the committee to prepare a transcript of all or any part of the testimony recorded at the hearing at the applicant's expense.

How does the committee give determinations?
Committee determinations are rendered in writing along with reasons.

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